Fighting for Real Reform

Term Limits

Illinois has enough career politicians. House Speaker Mike Madigan is in office for 45 years and serving as speaker for more than 30 years. That’s wrong.

With more years in office, entrenched politicians cozy up to special interests, accumulate more power and lose touch with their constituents. Term limits is a step toward busting up the Chicago and Springfield political machines. We need to restore the true meaning of public service. Public officials should go to Springfield with only one thing on their mind – service.

Democrats and Republicans across Illinois agree Springfield politicians should enact term-limits. The General Assembly should pass a term-limits resolution to allow voters to weigh in on the issue.

Lindsay is an ardent believer in term limits and allowed voters to make their voices heard on the matter.

Additionally, Lindsay term-limited herself as state representative to six years. Serving our community should be a temporary public service, not a career.

Enact Fair Maps

Elections should not be preordained. Voters should have a choice when they show up to the polls.

Unfortunately, our current system allows politicians to draw the lines and select the constituents they “represent” in Springfield. Partisan consideration in legislative map-drawing disenfranchises many Illinoisans from electing someone who shares their values and maximizes House Speaker Mike Madigan’s power over state government.

That’s wrong.

Lindsay enthusiastically supports the Independent Map Amendment and efforts to put a redistricting reform question on the general election ballot. Lindsay wholeheartedly believes voters should pick their politicians, not the politicians picking their voters. We must remove politicians from the map-drawing process.

Supporting our Schools

Lindsay met with her Teacher’s Advisory Committee connecting her with teachers from all over the district. Their concern was the lack of substitute teachers increasing over the past few years. Lindsay Introduced HB4167 to address the issue.


HB5627 jointly passed as a comprehensive bill to better address the teacher shortage, including:

• Creating a new substitute teacher license

• Allowing retired teachers to substitute more hours before affecting pension benefits

• Granting full reciprocity for out-of-state applicants

Lindsay received a certificate of appreciation from the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) Local 106 for her efforts.


School Funding Bill

For years, the General Assembly debated how to fix our deeply broken system but did nothing. A bipartisan school funding task force with leaders from both sides of the aisle and education experts developed an evidence-based model using certain measurements to calculate the needs of each school district. Now, the most economically challenged school districts receive the money to give them the same advantages as the financially stable school districts providing all schools with the appropriate state funds for each district’s need based on these measurements.


Lindsay agreed with the evidence-based formula and believes it is a step in the right direction. However, Lindsay voted against the bill because it did not go far enough to address all the school funding problems. The bill included an artificial boost to Chicago Public Schools (CPS) funding through a block grant and a Legacy Pension Credit “rewarding” CPS for taking 11 years of pension holidays. Lindsay voted no because she could not support a bill unfairly financially favoring CPS when those funds should be distributed equitably to every school district in our state. The school funding bill was passed by the legislature and was signed by the governor, despite Lindsay's vote.

Stop Tax Hikes!

Lindsay voted against and opposed every tax increase just as she promised to do before being elected state representative.


Illinois citizens bear one of the highest tax burdens in the country. With Illinois suffering a mass exodus, Lindsay does not believe we should tax and spend our way out of all the looming debt.

It is too hard on the citizens who are staying in Illinois, and it only perpetuates all of Illinois' issues.


Opposed Mileage Tax

Lindsay supported a resolution opposing a mileage tax, HR 766, because the anticipated mileage tax may impose a fee of 1.5¢ per mile driven, report miles traveled on public, non-tolled Illinois roads using GPS tracking technology in a smartphone app or a tracking device similar to the I-Pass (or EZ-Pass), and monitor the location of each driver to calculate how many miles are driven in Illinois each month. It unfairly and disproportionately taxes drivers in rural areas.



Progressive Income Tax

Last year, the income tax increased by 32%. Democrats propose to raise taxes yet again through a graduated “progressive” tax--supported by JB Pritzker.


The Illinois Constitution requires a flat income tax. There is not enough support to amend the constitution to repeal this requirement. So, Democrats “progressive” graduated tax is really another flat tax rate increase. It offers tax deductions to certain groups to retroactively make it graduated. It is a fake “progressive” graduated tax. This only hurts the people who do not have the resources or know how to navigate our complicated tax code and will raise taxes on middle class and low-income households. Lindsay cosponsored HR 975 to oppose this.

Jobs & Economic Growth

Lindsay fought to put an end to the mass exodus of jobs and businesses from Illinois. Our state should be open for businesses to create stable employment and good wages for all.

With sporadic tax hikes, complex regulations, and budget uncertainty, Springfield has not provided the stability and confidence innovators and entrepreneurs need to invest in Illinois communities.

Lindsay believes creating jobs and growing our economy is critical to put our state back on the path to fiscal solvency. Reducing red tape, opposing tax hikes, and making it easier for businesses to form and expand will grow Illinois’ tax base and allow our communities to thrive once again.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Lindsay with her concealed carry license is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. She voted against ALL bills limiting our 2nd Amendment rights brought forth in the name of "public safety," but aimed at criminalizing legal gun owners.


Lindsay continues to defend the constitutional rights of everyone in the 79th district from the 2nd Amendment to the 4th Amendment and beyond!


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